Tips for Stove Top Cooking with Pot Holders

When you have a weakness in your hands, such as that caused by Parkinson’s disease or other neuromuscular diseases, you can use some help when you’re cooking. Likewise, if you have the use of only one hand, cooking food on a stove top can sometimes be challenging.

Handi-capable chefs, like me, find that pot holders are very beneficial when we’re cooking on the stove top. In fact, they’re good in anybody’s kitchen. They keep pots in place which helps to prevent spills and possibly painful burns from hot food.

When you use pot holders or frames that hold your pots in place on your stove top, you can stir the food you’re cooking without having to deal with the pot sliding around or worse, tipping over and spilling its contents. These frames are made of heavy wire and coated with epoxy to keep them from scratching your stove and cookware. The manufacturer advises that these pot holders work best on electric stoves.

Each frame is shaped with two horizontal legs that sit alongside your burner. The front of the frame resembles a large M; the space between the points of the M accommodates the pot’s handle.

Suction cups are attached to the end of each leg and to the bottom of the front edge. They provide stability; keeping your pot from shifting or moving while you’re cooking. You’ll need to clean the surface around the burner before you use a pot holder. If there’s any grease on your stove’s surface, the suction cups won’t adhere. You should clean the area before each use.

With your pot being held in place, you can stir its contents easily with one hand; there’s no need to hold the pot. Pot holders come in handy when you’re serving food too. Just attach the pot holder to a clean counter top and position the pot as if you were cooking. You’ll be able to spoon out the food quickly and easily. You might want to buy several pot holders and use them for buffet-type meals. Your guests will be able to serve themselves, whether they are handi-capable or not.

You’ll probably find other uses for pot holders while you’re cooking. For example, you might decide to use a large pot instead of a mixing bowl. When you attach the frames’ suction cups to your counter top, you can put the pot’s handle in the frame and mix away. Your pot/mixing bowl won’t tip over, and you won’t have to hold it to get the job done.

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